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In His Eyes

Today I saw war's horrid past
leaking from a veteran's eyes...
Soldiers fighting, hard and fast
on land...on hot, tense skies.

I watched B-17's and 24's
soaring o'er war-scarred floors
of Germany and Omaho Beach;
saw friends die he could not reach!

I glimpsed for one brief moment
the Battle of the Bulge, his foe,
the carnage, the endless torment
greater than most could ever know.

I saw Merchant Marines on a ferry
rushing supplies to a British shore.
Cringing, I watched his misty eyes tarry
on mates floating in foam by the score.

I saw paratroopers leaping into France
from Gooney Birds prior to D-Day morn,
the thousands crying as they lay dying
upon soil where they weren't even born.

I saw Guadalcanal in the Pacific War
as men embarked to meet their destiny
In his eyes, I could see what they fought for
his silent stare becoming a part of me.

But he was home! He was finally home!
But for what...this destiny?... to live like this
Unable to talk, to walk, with eyes that roam
back to World War cheap abyss.

Not one word did he need to speak
His eyes revealed what words can't say
The cost of war from their rims did leak
then he turned his head and wheeled away.

 Nancy L. Meek

  November 2, 2003


Nancy`s inspiration was C. Douglas Caffey's heartfelt prose, "I SAW A VETERAN YESTERDAY!"
   which may be found on our group site:

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